The finger.

Do we really know how much we use our fingers?

Evening before last after my day of “crafting”, I decided that before dinner I needed to clean the stove/oven.  I had cleaned the top of the stove the day before with some “wonderful surprises” (that is a story for another day) but did not have enough oven cleaner to get the job done, so waited to do that the day after.  So getting to it, I sprayed the oven and got to scrubbing on the racks, which I might add are very hard to get all the baked on grunginess off of.  So I used an old steel wool scrubber.  Then switched to cleaning the oven, and back and forth.  By the time I realized that I had several little holes in my finger tips from the steel wool, the acid from the oven cleaner (which directions say to wear gloves) was invading them like thousands of tiny scorpions, or so I would imagine and taken off the first layer of skin, it was too late but I did put gloves on to finish the task at hand. So then to start supper get it all in the oven and my daughter Nikki tells me “mom, tomorrow is Dr. Seuss day at school”.

I had already racked my brain on Sunday evening to come up with a “Disney character”  Tinkerbell that was chosen to wear on Monday with the things I could find available, seeing that I didn’t have a ball gown on hand, a princess was not in the cards.  It was good though, she wore green, and had wings (which at the end of the day I might add, gave her a stiff neck for the next 2 days from leaning forward worrying about messing them up all day) with lots of glitter.  We didn’t get a picture, because this mom is NOT a morning person, and with very little coffee in my veins the bus pulled up just as her hair was finished.

So then I frantically google Dr Seuss characters, to come up with something that we can do, and trust me, it takes a lot of imagination, and creativity to come up with this stuff.  I have always been a person to have GREAT ideas, but much less skill to follow them out.  Thankfully I have a husband who takes up the slack, God bless his soul.  It usually goes something like “Honey, this is my idea, and how I would like it to be done” and he takes the gauntlet like a Olympian runner, and goes with it.

I have it, “Cat in the Hat” it is!  So I tell Gary and Nikki my idea, summon Nikki to start getting the pants and shirt, unused bed sheet, that I will need to make this happen.  Gary goes upstairs to go into the “magic room” that has all things needed for all things, just like the outside building we have where all I see is junk, but HE goes to the building and somehow pulls things out the McGuyver wearhouse that is just what is needed at the time.  I pull out scissors and the HOT(hint) glue gun and get to work.  Now let me say, I don’t know the exact temperature of Lava, but I would believe that hot glue is about the same degree of heat.  Remember I told you earlier about my already somewhat sore finger…wellll, now with the HOT glue/lava stuck to the very same spot, a nice little blister has formed over the second layer of skin and well let’s just say that even as I type I am reminded of a few things.

First, wear gloves when the directions say to.  Secondly, replace steel wool scrubbers more often.  Third, be more careful when using a hot glue gun, that stuff is HOT!  Lastly, Mom’s, Dad’s, Nana’s and Papaw’s will do anything (almost) for their children, grandchildren and families to make sure that they are happy and have the things they need, and I understand that sometimes it is a thankless job.

I think back a lot more now of my own parents and grandparents, and one of the things that I remember distinctly about them is their hands.  They all worked hard in their lives to provide for their children and grandchildren, to teach us, to help us to be our best but more than that their hands were loving and kind, and warm.

So sometimes the everyday things that we do and don’t even think about, can be lessons, or reminders.  It can at times be hard, even painful but the rewards when you see your child dressed up and smiling or the next time you put the cake in the clean oven or your family enjoy a meal you fixed, you see the fruits of your labors and are rewarded.  We have a saying here, that “it is the little things that sometimes count the most”.  So sometimes it takes a very sore finger to put things in perspective.

Oh, did I mention that once I was done putting the finishing touches on the costume, contrary to Nikki’s belief, I thought to myself to look at the paper she brought home to make sure of the day. SURPRISE,  Dr. Seuss day is not until March 2nd pics to follow.  Enough said!!


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