Why Homesteading? (Part 2)

The following year proved to be one of gain and loss.


Our greenhouse was doing wonderfully and producing much more than had anticipated. The chickens were laying everyday and we sold the eggs almost as fast as they could lay.

And early in the Spring, a freak storm tore the roof from off the greenhouse as well as part of the roof from the main house.









But, thankfully, because of the money we were able to save during the past year, by lowering our use of utilities, cancelling our cable and raising our own food, we were able to purchase and install a new roof on both.



That is one of the big advantages of living a homestead lifestyle… by lowering your cost of living it frees up a lot of your time and money in case of unforeseen events. The experience we gained from learning how to do things for ourselves was another benefit.

This year, we hope to go further off grid by incorporating Solar Power to much of our homestead, as well as adding an Aquaponic garden to our greenhouse.  So follow us on our journey and share your experiences with us.

We truly want this to be a Community of Homesteaders!


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  1. Go for the aquaponics!!! We started 2 years ago with some beans in the bog filter of a 200 gallon gold fish pond. The best tasting and best growing beans we’ve ever seen!! You won’t be sorry, and if you use fish that you can eat, you essentially double your food production.


    1. We are thinking about starting small with a 75 gallon pond to start with. (Just getting our feet wet – LOL) We have decided to use Bluegill for the waste production, hopefully they will grow large enough to eat.


      1. That sounds like a really good plan. Blue gill should be great. I know they breed pretty quick, and as far as eating..who wouldn’t want a big mess of bluegill fillets!!

        We are glad that we found your blog, you seem to be heading down the same road that we are. We are supposed to close on the property that we are buying tomorrow. Super exciting times, but wish it would get done, we’ve got a bunch of work to do! We’d be happy to share any tricks that we figure out. We’ve been doing small experiments at the rental house that we live in now.

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  2. logtownacres says:

    The pace at which men and women are loosing the ability to befriend even the most basic skills is alarming. People find it so interesting/unusual that we garden, can, repair, pay with cash, and buy used cars.


    1. We completely agree. Maria and I are trying to bring back a lot of those skills. Besides my day job, I’m a blacksmith, and Maria is great at food prep and sewing. People need to learn survival skills, not even for any kind of doom’s day…just for everyday life.

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    2. fayarbaugh says:

      I agree logtownacres, the world is so lost in electronics and fast paced every thig, that it seems impossible to even have conversations with people. Our youth (our grandchildren included) don’t even know what it means to can and cook, and pay with cash. We are doing our best to teach them when we have the opportunity, but that is difficult at times. Everything is lost in translation because of texting and e-mailing instead of having real conversations. But surprisingly people are learning that there should be more meaning and realism to their lives. We hope to help teach and prepare others with what we are learning and working towards.

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  3. Im so sorry for the misfortune but congratulations on being prepared for the unforeseen! Super excited to see more of your journey.


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