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First of all let me say, I am definitely not an expert gardener but in my experience have learned that in planting and growing flowers, bushes and trees there are no definite right or wrongs in anything! A whole lot of it comes down to good ole trial and error. But I wanted to share with you some of the flowers that we have grown. Some have been great, while others not so great.

Full sun, partial sun, full shade, partial shade, morning sun, evening sun, wet soil, dry soil, acidic, alkaline, annual, perennial, zones, after last frost, spring, fall, prune, not to prune, all of this information can be very confusing and overwhelming. At least for me it has been. What works for me in my yard, may not work for you in yours…even with exact same conditions.

Who knows what weather we are going to have and can say when the last frost will be or how much rain or sunshine we will have? Even those flowers that say they are “guaranteed/proven winners”, may not always prove or do what you hope or want. Yes, there are some that are more hardier and more prolific than others but it seems the most beautiful and plentiful are the ones that are the toughest to get just right. But then again “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is all in your prospective and what you want to achieve. waterfall flower garden

In my mind I have these grandiose ideas and images of how my yard and flower beds are going to look but somehow it never seems to turn out that way!! Yes, I am a dreamer, I want the beautiful park garden with a waterfall running through the middle in one section of my yard.


Then I want the whimsical countryside wildflower cottage with climbing roses and English lavender all around in another section.

cottage flowers

But, guess what…I don’t live near the ocean, or a waterfall, or the English countryside. I live in a rural area in Southern Ohio, where the ground is hard, and somewhat rocky, and the climates change, so therefore I make do with what I have and try to give it my best.


So here are some pic’s of some of the plants that I have grown and are continuing to grow over the last 2 years. Some of these were bulbs, and some I started from seeds, some we bought on the dead and dying rack and some we bought as babies.

CLIMBERS   Usually the first to shine are the Clematis, they are hearty, bloom up until fall, and are just gorgeous. Morning glories are beautiful, but will take over if you are not careful and so you will want to put them somewhere that you won’t mind them doing their thing. The last pics that I have are called purple bean, These are a unique plant, they will climb and vine, but also will also take over, as we quickly learned. So I decided to plant them along our front porch, which I though would be very pretty, (there is that picture in my mind again) and yes they were but as you see in the picture our whole porch on both sides was covered completely. Soooo…needless to say we will not be planting them there again.

SUNFLOWERS  I have a small section of the yard, that I plant these in and they do wonderfully. I usually plant several different varieties, just because I love the way they look.


BULBS  Year before last I planted Dinner Plate Dahlias, which I loved, they were so beautiful and just bloomed all summer long, last year I didn’t have as much success with them, but have planted more bulbs again this year, but in some different spots.

I also have several different varieties of lilies, and iris.


BUSHES  The rose bush I have, my friend Jan gave me (she is a fellow gardener and neighbor and we swap and trade different things we have) and I planted it between the peach trees, they were young and it didn’t have much effect at the time but now that the peach trees are much bigger, the rose bush hasn’t done great, but still blooms. My goal is to move it this fall, to a different spot where it can get a little more sun, and be able to grow bigger and mature more, right now it is a little inhibited.


Then at the end of the season last year, we found the beautiful Hibiscus that my wonderful husband bought for me at a very nice discounted price. After we planted it, it continued to produce lots of blooms and was just gorgeous. I was not so sure how it would winter over or exactly what to do with it, so I just left it as is and am waiting. From what I have read about them they are late getting started, and start from the ground up, so I have been waiting and finally am getting lots of new growth and I am anxiously awaiting to see what is going to happen with this beauty.

ANNUALS I always like to do potted plants and hanging baskets with annuals that just make it all sparkle and shine with color and beauty.


CACTI Then we have the cactus that is a real beauty. She blooms every year, and is just an amazing sight…but don’t get too close. OUCH!!


So these are just a few pic’s of some of the flowers we have grown in the last couple of years, I will soon be posting more of what is new on our Community Homestead, with pictures of all the new plants and trees, and flowers that we started last fall and have already started this spring.  What is already blooming, and what will be blooming.

I want to see what you have growing and blooming! Please like and share your thoughts and ideas, pics and growing tips with me…happy gardening!!!


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  1. Jannet Jones says:

    Beautiful my dear, can’t wait to see them all!


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