Cucumber Trellis

Growing cucumbers is fun, easy and very rewarding!


pickles.jpgIf planted in fertile, evenly moist soil they are almost guaranteed to give you a bountiful harvest. They love direct sunlight too, so pick a sunny location! Like many other vine crops, cucumbers like their water. Make sure to work plenty of compost into the soil to help it retain moisture for your plants.

Whenever possible, if your garden slopes, plant the cucumbers at the end of the garden. That way they will receive all the water run-off after the rain. If possible, cover the ground around your plants with mulch. This will help the soil retain heat and moisture that your plants need.

In the past, we have always allowed our cucumber vines to sprawl along the ground, only to get trampled while picking, or missing some cucumbers altogether, so this year we decided to build a Cucumber Trellis!

By using a trellis, we will save much needed garden space. It will allow us to plant our seedlings much closer together and the cucumbers will be easier to harvest. The fruit will be straighter, cleaner and more uniform in color since they won’t be lying on the ground!

It will also make light work of watering them during the dry season. Below is a video example of a trellis we put together to show you how easy and affordable it is to build.

Throughout the summer, you will have to occasionally ‘train’ your cucumber plants to the trellis. This is easily done by simply inserting the stem of the plant through the wire or around a string (if you are using the string method).

Try out this method for yourself and tell us your results!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. That trellis is on the wrong side of the garden. They should be on the north side so they don’t shade the other plants. 😛


    1. fayarbaugh says:

      Normally, that would be the ideal spot, however the other end of our garden is next to the greenhouse and it would shade the cucumbers.


      1. Interesting. I would have made a note of that in the video. 🙂 Thanks for letting us all know.


  2. Pearlene says:

    I can’t stand reading time-consuming posts, simply because i have got a
    small amount of dislexia, but i actually liked this post


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