Life in the world of MRDD

Daily life with our daughter who has been MRDD since birth, and the ups and downs that come along with this.


Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stand and fight, or should I walk away?  Do I speak up, or do I stay quiet?  So many times in life we ask ourselves these questions.   We see so much in social media, on the news, magazines, papers, ect.  Everyone everywhere seems to be arguing, fighting, protesting, proving their point, who…

The “Other Mom’s” Perspective

I have had people tell me in my life that I could not possibly understand certain things about being a mother, because I have never had children or given birth to a child.  In some ways I think they are right. Though I have been and am a stepmother and have been a mother figure…

The finger.

Do we really know how much we use our fingers? Evening before last after my day of “crafting”, I decided that before dinner I needed to clean the stove/oven.  I had cleaned the top of the stove the day before with some “wonderful surprises” (that is a story for another day) but did not have…

Back to Eden Gardening

The basic method of the Back to Eden garden is layering. The main ingredient is wood chips. It is not recommended to start your Back to Eden garden in the spring, because the wood chips need time to break down. However, with some compost/manure, we were able to do it this spring. What we did…


Do you have spring fever? Let’s show our Flower Power!


Making your own compost is the easiest, yet most beneficial thing you can do for your garden and the environment. And best of all…It’s FREE!

Cucumber Trellis

Growing cucumbers is fun, easy and very rewarding!   If planted in fertile, evenly moist soil they are almost guaranteed to give you a bountiful harvest. They love direct sunlight too, so pick a sunny location! Like many other vine crops, cucumbers like their water. Make sure to work plenty of compost into the soil to help it retain moisture…